Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Marina Sigareva

I had the pleasure of working with Julia when she helped me rent out my income property. Julia was always available to answer all of my questions and stayed patient and graceful even under pressure. I trust Julia to guide me and look out for my best interests and will be using her services in the future. Her expertise is necessary for Toronto's tough rental market - Julia knows the city due to her years of experience, and it translates into success for her clients!

By: Lana Kotliar

Hiring Julia Petritchkovitch as our real estate agent was the best thing that we ever did! As first time home buyers, we were pretty nervous going into process, especially at a time where the market seemed pretty unpredictable. Julia went above and beyond in every way, from helping us choose our home to giving us advice all throughout the process and keeping us updated every step of the way! We are so happy with how everything turned out and will recommend Julia to all our family and friends.

By: Mohammad Aarif Khan

It was an amazing overall experience!
Julia was patient enough to understand our exact requirements. During showings or discussions she was never pushy about any particular property. We always felt like its our decision and she was an amazing assistance during the process. She is good with follow ups and knows exactly how the market is trending. She helped us from the outset till the time we moved in the property and even after that. She is more like a family to us now.

By: Yulia Yashan

At the beginning of the search for our first home, we were like a children having no idea about the Real Estate market and trends. The process of looking for a new property is always stressful and takes a long ride. Working with Julia made this process less painful. Julia is responsible, decent and truly professional in this field. She heard us, our wishes and kept us informed all the time .She replied immediately when we had any questions .Her natural, individual approach to each client and their needs cannot be overlooked. Thanks to her, we found our "happy place, our nest". We recommend her to all our friends and looking forward to working with her again in a future.

By: Taiyaba Quraishi

Julia is the best!
With the help of Julia, I have got my first house in my preferred locality. She had been patient throughout the process and never pushed her opinion which could affect one's decision making in such big purchases. She always kept us updated with the ground situation at the same time she never wanted us to compromise with our choices. I am happy to choose Julia as my realtor.

By: Eduardo Ibarra

Julia was by far the most helpful agent we could have asked for and she was also the nicest. She was very professional since the first conversation we had and she still is to this day. She is very knowledgeable and very patient when I had lots of questions.Her knowledge of the market and negotiations is very good. I admire her determination and attitude towards challenges when they came up. She is also very hardworking, something that is difficult to come across in such a competitive market. But most importantly she is trustworthy and keeps her worth. She did not settle until we got a deal which, we were happy with. I would highly recommend her as an agent to anyone and I hope we can work together again.

By: Patty Tomas

We have sold and bought a few properties over the years but no realtor has surpassed the level of service that we received with Julia. The initial conversation to the conclusion of the deal, Julia’s integrity, enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to the property was unquestionable. What was unique for us was her ability to interface with our tenants, listen to their needs, as a result creating a cooperative environment for the property to be sold. Her attention to detail both large and small prevented problems and again smoothed the way for a quick and easy sale. The piece de resistance was her tech savviness. The ‘normal’ stress with communication and paperwork during the process of a sale was completely eliminated due to her technical abilities. We highly recommend this amazing ‘full service’ realtor Julia Petritchkovitch.

By: Rostyk H

I worked with quite a few realtors and Julia was my last realtor until we moved from GTA. I was happy with both, buying and selling with Julia. I love the strategies she uses in order to sell your property for what you want. Always in contact with her clients, very hard working professional and an honest person. Too bad Julia does not work in Ottawa. I highly recommend Julia as an outstanding professional you can trust.

By: Dashyn Dars

Julia helped us sell our house in Toronto. She is one of the best real state agent in town. She does everything she says. Her professional approach sold the house in this competitive market. I am highly recommending her to be your agent.

By: Cindy Juarez

I was so fortunate to have met Ms. Julia Petritchkovitch as a realtor. She came highly recommended and she definitely lived up to what I was told. As a commercial realtor, she helped me find the right location for the business. Throughout the process, Julia was there every step of the way. She always answered every text, call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. Her patience, professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. I never felt that she was trying to push me to sign a contract, but instead that she was a mentor to answer my questions and help me to make a big decision. The best part about working with Julia was that she was more focused on answering my many questions, giving me good advice, and finding a property that met my needs than she was on closing a deal. In short, Julia worked with me to make the commercial lease process as simple and successful as possible. I would recommend Julia to anyone to needs assistance with a property.

By: Naz Ober

Highly recommend Julia to everyone who is looking for a professional real estate agent! Very satisfied with her business!

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The Homebuyers’ Guide to NEW HOMES

1. Get in Touch with Your Agent. Before you visit your first model home, sit down with your agent and do your homework. You’ll want to be prepared so that you can determine a comfortable price range for your new home. Determine a Comfortable Price Range If you own a home, you’ll first need to know the net proceeds from its sale in order to determine how much cash you’ll have to work with. Don’t simply estimate this but carefully calculate every possible selling cost.

2. Sellers’ Agents Versus Buyers’ Agents. Here’s a good point to remember. The sales agent in the model home represents the builder, not you. They are known as sellers’ agents. As a buyer you can work with a buyers’ agent at no additional cost.

3. A Builder For All Reasons. Like all tradesmen, builders vary in their fields of expertise. For example there are builders who specialize in craftsmanship, others who are known for their innovative use of space, and those who offer below-market financing or customer attention during construction and after move-in. Determine your own specific needs or preferences then shop around for a builder that will best address your requirements.

4. Get the Facts About Your Builder. Before making a final decision, it is wise to check out the reputation and financial strength of the builder. Get “spec sheets” on home features covering everything from floor plans to energy efficiency, including lot availability and delivery of your home.*

5. Check Out the Neighborhood. Find out from local land-use officials what else is planned or could be constructed in the area, especially where vacant land is applicable. Review the rules for the homeowner’s association, or find out if one will be set up. Think of how you will be affected by commuting routes and times.

6. Be Sure the Contract Works in Your Favor! When spelling out the particulars of an agreement with your builder, ensure you protect yourself by having safeguards written into the agreement.

7. Financing — What’s Best for You? Some builders, especially in high-volume communities that place large numbers of loans, can offer special financing packages. However, because “home loan” lending is highly competitive, you have many financing choices other than those being offered by the builder. Shop around for everything, from rates to lender fees. Appraisals, inspections, surveys, attorneys and closing fees can vary as well.

8. Just Because it’s New… Doesn’t Mean it’s Perfect. Yes it’s new and typically it’s built with modern materials that are durable, low maintenance, stronger, quieter, and safer. But because nothing is perfect, even if it’s new, consider hiring a reputable, licensed home inspector. Consider budgeting for items to be modified or added later on.


1. You may be able to get your lender to help you with your down-payment and closing costs. Even if you do not have enough cash for a down-payment, if you are debt-free, and own an asset-free and clear (such as a car), your lending institution may be able to lend you the down-payment for your home by securing it against this asset.

2. You may be able to get your lender to help you with your down-payment and closing costs.

Even if you do not have enough cash for a down-payment, if you are debt-free, and own an asset-free and clear (such as a car), your lending institution may be able to lend you the down-payment for you.

3. You may be able to find a seller to help you buy and finance your home. Some sellers may be willing to hold a second mortgage for you as a “seller take-back”. 

4. You can buy a home even if you have problems with your credit rating. If you can come up with more than the minimum down payment or can secure the loan with other equity, many lending institutions will consider you for a mortgage. Alternatively, a seller take-back mortgage could also help you in this situation.

5. You can, and should, get preapproved for a home loan before you go looking for a home. Preapproval is easy and can give you complete peace of mind when shopping for your home. 


1. Rose-coloured glasses Most of us dream of improving our lifestyle and moving to a larger home. The problem is that there’s sometimes a discrepancy between our hearts and our bank accounts. You drive by a home that you fall in love with only to find that it’s already sold or that it’s more than what you are willing to pay. Most homeowners get caught in this hit or miss strategy of house hunting when there’s a much easier way of going about the process.


2. Failing to make necessary improvements If you want to get the best price for the home you’re selling, there will certainly be things you can do to enhance it in a prospective buyer’s eyes. These fix-ups don’t necessarily have to be expensive. But even if you do have to make a minor investment, it will often come back to you ten-fold in the price you are able to get when you sell.


3. Not selling first You should plan to sell before you buy. This way you will not find yourself at a disadvantage at the negotiating table, feeling pressured to accept an offer that is below-market value because you have to meet a purchase deadline. If you’ve already sold your home, you can buy your next one with no strings attached. If you do get a tempting offer on your home but haven’t made significant headway on finding your next home, you might want to put in a contingency clause in the sale contract which gives you a reasonable time to find a home to buy.


4. Failing to get a pre-approved mortgage Pre-approval is a very simple process that many homeowners fail to take advantage of. While it doesn’t cost or obligate you to anything, pre-approval gives you a significant advantage when you put an offer on the home you want to purchase because you know exactly how much house you can afford, and you already have the green light from your lending institution.


5. Failing to coordinate closings With two major transactions to coordinate together with all the people involved such as mortgage experts, appraisers, lawyers, loan officers, title company representatives, home inspectors or pest inspectors the chances of mix-ups and miscommunication go up dramatically. To avoid a logistical nightmare ensure you work closely with your agent.